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Training for your Website

Walk-through training. Guided support. Quick Guides & Documentation. Tutorial links & references if they apply.

Person to person guidance at the customers level (as little technical jargon as possible). 1 Hour free complimentary training when I build/rebuild a site for you. 2 months free support for maintenance, how-to's, etc... which could also include some in-person guidance. Schedules are not strict so it is likely (but not guaranteed) that I will continue to offer free support (for short time spans) throughout the life-cycle of your site.

Some clients may say "I don't want to do any of that. You can handle all of that stuff". That's fine too. We can set up a maintenance agreement, or keep it a casual project-by-project.

Training & Support would cover the following items.

  • If a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Shopify -
    • Navigating, finding your way around the CMS.
    • Registering, logging in and other account functions.
    • Locating sections of functionality. For instance: Acocunt Functions, How to tweak the theme design, Where your media storage/library is, Where to edit content, How/where to update various elements like the CMS, plugins, etc..., How to format and change content and so on.
    • How to access webmail or set up email addresses from your local programs.
    • If your site is a store/ecommerce, how to work with products, product images and video.
    • How to work with product options, shippable or digital/downloadable products.
    • ...and more.
  • If a Custom (non-CMS) site
    • If your site is custom built, it will not have an admin section (for the most part). There still may be "sectional" admins for things like Image Galleries and a store/ecommerce section.
    • A way to access the pages of your site. Like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or accessing your files through your host.
    • A basic understanding of HTML tags and how to use them to format your content.
    • The other items are similar to what is involved in a CMS site.
  • Creating documentation with step-by-step instructions.
  • If there is online documentation, tutorials or instruction manuals, links will be provided to reference them.

If help is needed to get to a part of your site to edit, don't hesitate to ask!