Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.
– Arthur Conan Doyle

World of Web

The virtual world of the web catches up with us if we don't pay attention to it. I've been witness to more than one occasion where a customer at a smaller retail store says, "I'll just look it up on your website". Then the employee at the store has to admit "well, actually we don't have a website". This is actually pretty rare these days, and I'll admit that my experience was from a couple of years ago, but the point still remains.

These days, it is more about actually selling online as opposed to just offering a catalog, or interacting with a website, instead of just reading information. A website can't be an active thing. Potential customes and reviewers will gather impressions of businesses with older sites and compare them against the most modern and dynamic ones. This will lead them to the erroneous conclusion that your products may also be out of date... and then you lose the customer.

Building a website is not difficult. Building a website that works on desktops, tablets/iPads, and mobile devices is actually much less difficult that most would have you believe. A good solid responsive website with the latest technology should only take a few days to put up. The site is easy... the only things that take more time are customizations, dynamic elements and adding / formatting content.

Modern Content Management Systems (CMS) bridge the gap, allowing customers / clients to add and format their own content with little to no need for technical knowledge. Modern themes can be integrated quickly into the CMS skeleton theme, giving you the best of both worlds. A unique website that pops for your customers... and you control.

Give yourself and your business a boost, get online. Show your customers you care about their needs and their convenience by giving them unrestricted access to everything your business has to offer.