Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.
– Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

About Mythic Web Solutions

Mythic Web Solutions is my freelance web graphics & design business. I am a webmaster located in Ouray, CO and I cover all aspects of web development. Web design, development, customization/programming, integrations, email & server administration. Beginning in 2003 (18 years experience), I have built and maintained a regular practice for my long term and dedicated clients, and am always seeking new connections. I am working towards being the primary local resource in the area for all things web. Businesses that do well and have staying power always have a core of honesty and integrity. This is a belief I keep with me and put into practice at all times.

I work with clients around the country as well as Europe and China, but I am also working to establish a permanent network here in the San Juans in Southwest Colorado. This would include web graphics design in Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton, Lake City, Telluride, Montrose, Durango and cover Ouray County, San Juan County, Montrose County, La Plata County and San Miguel County.

I have a well-rounded and professional field of knowledge in the technologies that I chose to pursue. These technologies are listed on the Web Elements page. This is a glossary of the web technologies, features and elements that I use regularly. To date, the number of sites that I have either built, rebuilt, or added significant changes is well over 350. My Site List. Much more if you factor in simple changes.

A few of the more notable sites include: Verizon, Ravens (NFL), Eagles (NFL), Wolters Kluwer (formerly Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins),, TJ's Wood Products, TSS Restorations and more. The majority of our projects involve Building (or rebuilding) Websites and eCommerce Shops, Site Maintenance / Repair, SEO Consultation & Optimization, Customizing Website Elements, and integration of new functionalities.

The majority of my work comes from small and medium sized businesses, arts & entertainment, and eCommerce sales and services.

My personal Work Ethic is as follows:

  • Honesty and Integrity: My No. 1 priority, because this builds trust and helps cultivate new business connections through word of mouth.
  • Transparency in the process: You'll know the details of what I'm doing.
  • Available during development: You'll be able to visit the site in it's development process and follow along as it takes shape.
  • Ongoing feedback & requests: You can add further requests during the development process and provide feedback. (Please note that requests too far out of the scope of the proposal may incur additional fees).
  • Reasonable Pricing: Being an independent contractor is a big advantage here. My pricing is less than half the agency rate, and as an individual, still slightly under market rate.
  • Detailed Proposals / Estimates: You'll see everything involved in a project in a non-technical and easy to understand language.
  • 3 Available Pricing Plans: (Primarily focused on building and rebuilding websites).
  • Research excluded from pricing: This refers to integrating or building in an application, framework or functionality that I am not familiar with. You will not be charged for the period of time involved for my research and learning.

There are two main fields of experience. There is schooled experience and field experience. Both are beneficial, but field experience leads to a new understanding of your field that also includes intuitive knowledge that schooled experience cannot teach. I call this "learning the language of your profession". It goes beyond just development and code. It means that you recognize patterns and similarities with objects that you haven't touched before. In web development terms, it means that frameworks, functionality and web applications are built within a recognizable system even if you haven't used them. The same goes for troubleshooting. You can move outside of the box to fix issues that have no obvious solution.

When I learned this language, I became comfortable with calling myself "Webmaster".

The Personal Side

As an independent Webmaster, I am not constrained by the "business only" rule put forth by corporations and agencies. I develop relationships and have become friends with many of my clients. We talk on the phone, shoot the breeze, find out what's happening with each other. If they're in the neighborhood, we grab a beer or two.

I am definitely not a person who goes out to socialize on a regular basis. I am an introvert and prefer solitude most of the time. But I love to get outdoors and explore. I live in the beautiful mountain town of Ouray, Colorado. For a small town, there are enough activities... both indoor and outdoor to keep me busy on a daily basis.

I have enough projects in the hopper to make things interesting inside, but outside my major activities are hiking, off-roading, skiing and biking, and just getting out to explore. I also love playing and writing music and have my own recording studio.