It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
– Albert Einstein

Website Maintenance & Support

The illusion: Many see a website as set it and forget it. The reality: Technology is constantly moving forward, and this requires keeping your site competitive and up to date. I typically offer 3 months of complimentary support and maintenance for any new or rebuilt site.


Site maintenance is keeping your site and web server/host up to date and configuring new features as necessary. A site that is kept current usually stays ahead of bad players, hackers and so on. Updates and configuration tweaks help "harden your site" and makes it harder for people to hack.

Technical Support

Software is just like any other machine. It will only break if something is there to break it. As technology changes, there is a good chance this will happen at some point or another. A server glitch, faulty update, conflicts between plugins, etc... can all be the cause of a crash. Maybe it's just a function, maybe it's the whole site. If this happens, contact me and describe the issue to the best of your ability. I will have the site up and running again quickly.